Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Is A Work In Progress

As we have started to develop bush missions for Flight Simulator 2020 we have discover several bugs locking the full potential of our products. Flight Simulator is new and still a work in progress. You can have a look at the Flight Simulator 2020 Development Roadmap to see what will append during next weeks. A list of the Flight Simulator top bugs is available.

The most annoying bug we found concerns the weather. We can add live and custom weather functionalities. But after few legs weather and time are live and cannot be edited. It is very boring when you want to do a VFR when it is the night and you cannot change it, or if there is a big storm that does not allow you to take off.

Never stop the motor of your airplane when you are in a bush mission because you cannot restart it.

During the development of a bush mission we have to enter values for airplane identification with ATC but they change after the first leg.

Despite of all those problems it is a big pleasure to travel the world.